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Have more time? Driveway Highway 1 instead—this slow-paced road hugs the Pacific Ocean nearly all the way down the California coastline. Photo: Courtesy Nebraska Tourism. Surprisingly, Nebraska makes for an ideal road trip—you can leave Denver, Colorado, for a long weekend and enjoy miles of endless sand dunes and grasslands of western Nebraska.

US Highway 93 South in Nevada on the Great Basin Highway

Photo: Brian Walker. Start in Reno and head east, spending a couple of days traversing the state. Stop off in the old ghost town of Austin for a soak at the primitive Spencer Hot Springs, where you can find free dispersed camping in the surrounding area. This has reduced accidents along this potentially dangerous and steep highway.

As you travel down the highway approximately a 2, to 3, foot drop , it is hard to realize that the lowest point of Lake Tahoe is still deeper than the floor of Carson Valley. Once joining U.

Currently, U. However, the recent TEA legislation has approved money for the future U. The U. Upon leaving the capital area, U. Fallon acts as a last outpost prior to the all-encompassing vastness and emptiness between Carson City and Grand Junction, Colorado. Some traffic from the west comes in via U.

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I can list rather easily the remaining "major" towns along U. That's it. There are some smaller developments and communities along the way, but none provide all of the main amenities, such as restaurants, stores, lodging, gas stations, and so on. Ely is the only one that has a fast-food chain presence not that a fast food chain is a good thing, but it does give you an idea of how profitable McDonald's finds the U.

Austin and Eureka both lie at intersections with state routes that link to Interstate Naturally, those towns along the old U. The towns along I have historically done better than those along U. First, the transcontinental railroad was constructed along the modern I alignment - the U. Then, in the early quarter of this century, U. The biggest blow came in the early s, when U.

Perhaps the only saving grace is that U. Heading east, Austin is the first small town after Fallon. Along the way, look out for Sand Mountain below , which is more like a sand dune than a mountain. There are some small motels, gas stations, and homes in the Austin area, but not much else.

Border to Border

At night, you can see the cars ascend the switchbacks leading the 7, foot Austin Summit. While the summit is within the Toiyabe National Forest, there are many more sagebrush bushes than trees! During the winter, the Austin Summit is notorious for accidents, as westbound cars and trucks don't realize the steep descent into Austin and skid off the road at one of the many switchbacks.

Eureka, the small mining town, is another miles past Austin. Recent development of the Ruby Hill Mine, a project of the Homestake Mining Company, stimulated the economy, but the mine has slowed operations. Mining is a naturally short-term proposition, and locals rightfully fear that the economic boost brought on by the new mine will not translate into long-term growth or into real economic development.

New homes that were built for the miners may lie vacant in years to come if another industry does not stimulate growth. Continuing east, U. Located miles from nearly any other significant town, Ely is an interesting place. Parking meters line the street, which is surprising for such a small town. If you are heading westbound, this segment of U. The road gradually gains elevation from Majors Place to Ely, making the town invisible until the last few miles of the journey. Near the junction with U. You may easily purchase this image I as Guest without opening an account.

White River Narrows It contains numerous rock art sites that collectively form a district covering some 4, acres that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In Nevada, there was an old medicine woman who showed some of these symbols to her grandson and told him that these were sacred and that they were left by the "before now people". There are some amazing petroglyphs. Laughlin, Nevada, is known for its casinos, but the petroglyphs in Grapevine Canyon and an old car museum are fun highlights.

North of Dyer, Esmeralda Co. The creation of Valley of Fire State Park began with transfer of 8, acres 3, ha of federal land to the state at Nevada in Petroglyphs, Nevada.

‘The Loneliest Road in America’ U.S. Route 50 Nevada | Loyalty Traveler

Black Canyon is well-known for its concentration of Pahranagat Representational Style petroglyphs. Night traffic on hiway 50 drops to almost nothing. You've already been driving a long way from either Eureka or Austin, the two nearest towns, and it might be easy to continue on your way. Fish Lake Valley site. The canyon is a natural oasis in this extremely dry part of Southern Nevada.

U.S. 50 Nevada Highway Guides

Nevada Petroglyphs: Washoe County. After a short but steep hike, there are many well-preserved walls at the top of Black Mountain. The petroglyphs located at the Winnemucca Lake petroglyph site 35 miles northeast of Reno consist of large, deeply carved grooves and dots forming complex designs on several large limestone boulders that have been known about for decades, said CU-Boulder researcher Larry Benson, who led the new effort. Some of the most significant and well - preserved sites in Nevada are in easily - accessible areas.

In August the Nevada Rock Art Foundation completed its summary report on its long-term documentation project and a synopsis provided here. The distinctive petroglyphs rock art pecked and carved on rocks in the Dinwoody and Torrey basins near Dubois are thought to have been the work of ancestors of the modern-day Shoshone tribes who moved up from the Great Basin around three thousand years ago.

During the Pleistocene Epoch, this area and most of northwestern Nevada, was covered by ancient Lake Lahontan. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is best used from September until May.

There are a few spots of petroglyphs at the tinajas, so keep an eye out while moving through this area. Perhaps that is why we cherish the petroglyphs and many attempt to interpret them. This distinctive style is composed of varying treatments of the human form: a headless rectangular form with internal decoration, often bearing an atlatl-like design, and a solid-pecked oval or rectangular form, with a line protruding from the head and with down-turned arms and extended hands.

Located 14 miles southeast of Reno Nevada. If you visit, be sure to pick up the brochure provided on-site by the BLM and take the "Self-Guided Tour" described in this brochure. George Jeepers take us on a trip to Black Butte, Nevada to see 2 big Petroglyphs sites and some great scenery along the way.

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The pictographs at Upper Pictograph Cave are believed to have been painted by the Fremont Indians, a farming and hunting group that lived in the Snake Valley from about to B. These ruins are near the town of Gisela, AZ, and are suspected to have been built by the Salado in the 13th century. There are carvings of sheep, deer, Actually 40 miles 64km long, this eastern Utah canyon is like a drive-through gallery of more than 10, petroglyphs, carved into its black rock face around a.

This giant rock, which is now cracked into three large pieces, is believed to hold cupule petroglyphs that are over 2, years old. But the rock art's age could range in the tens of thousands of years. Worth a Google to understand how this unique terrain came to be. When we first came across the holes drilled in the petroglyphs 22 holes in the site , our thought was geology core sampling.

This new date in Nevada pushes the record of human habitation back to about 13, BC and coincides with the late phase of Clovis culture, before they disappeared from history. The Fremont built several villages, including one near present-day Baker, Nevada, called Baker Village.

The Sloan Canyon Archaeological District is one of the most important cultural sites in Southern Nevada with some petroglyph panels and 1, individual petroglyphs that were created by native cultures from the Archaic to historic era. Their phone number is Deeply carved, large grooves and dots form complex designs on several large limestone boulder. I'm hoping somebody here can help me out with GPS coordinates. Grimes Point is an archaeological site which was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in While the petroglyphs extend through the canyon, a significant concentration lies at the entrance to the canyon which is at an elevation of 2, feet.

Stock picture by Wirepec. Herds of wild horses have been common in Nevada since Mesquite, Nevada.

Whether you have a weekend or a month, these journeys are a must

The most obvious evidence of occupation is the petroglyphs carved into the rocks by the Basketmaker culture about 2, years ago, followed later by the Early Pueblo culture. Petroglyph Canyon via Mouse's Tank Trail is a 0. The large, complex motifs at this side are formed by deeplycarved lines and cupules. Cupules have been linked to ceremonies like fertility rituals, Mount Irish Petroglyph Site.