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Eerdmans, Harper, Douglas. In Online Etymology Dictionary.

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Hinckley, Gordon B. Teachings of Gordon B. Kugel, James L. Lange, Armin, and Esther Eshel. Lee, Harold B. The Teachings of Harold B. Lieber, David L. Etz Hayim: Torah and Commentary.

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Liebes, Yehuda. Studies in Jewish Myth and Jewish Messianism. Neusner, Jacob, ed. The Mishnah: A New Translation. London, England: Yale.

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University Press, Nibley, Hugh W. What makes it so. ArtScroll Series, Sapirstein Edition. Brooklyn, NY: Mesorah Publications, Smith, Joseph, Jr. Levertoff, eds. The Zohar: An English Translation. London, England: The Soncino Press, Weinfeld, Moshe. See also Deuteronomy , , 10; 1 Chronicles ; 2 Chronicles See also Revelation See also Mosiah ; Mormon Neusner, Mishnah, Berakot 1.

For example, elsewhere in Deuteronomy the twofold formula of heart and soul is used Deuteronomy ; The fourfold formula in Section 4 of heart, might, mind, and strength is found only in the Doctrine and Covenants cf. Each of the three instances in the Book of Mormon varies. In 2 Nephi , we find might, mind, strength, and soul; in Alma , mind, might, and strength appear; and in Moroni we read the same words in a different order: might, mind, and strength.

Twice in the New Testament we read heart, soul, and mind Matthew ; Mark Luke gives us the fourfold formula of heart, soul, strength, and mind Luke Explaining how the New Testament variants of the phrase differ in wording while retaining the same essential meaning, Matthew France writes R. France, Gospel of Matthew, pp. The existence of variant versions of a text in constant liturgical use is not surprising cf. But the main point remains clear, that one is to love God with all that one is and has. Benson, Teachings , p.

Harper, Dictionary, s. Berlin et al. Carpenter, Numbers Zondervan. Further arguing for the sermon-like style of this and similar passages in Deuteronomy, E. A good many sections of Deuteronomy in fact utilize this style, providing the book, despite its emphasis on the phenomenon of writing, with a distinctive sound. Lange et al.

Deuteronomy 27

Scholars differ as to when this change occurred. The first hints of such a monotheistic reading can be found in the Septuagint and in the Nash Papyrus. The Septuagint is the Greek translation of the Torah. The Nash Papyrus was produced in the second century B. The letter in ancient Greek represents the numeral 1. With respect to the timing of the change in interpretation, it is noteworthy that in Matthew and Luke , Jesus cites verse 5 of Deuteronomy 6 without mentioning verse 4, reflecting contemporary Jewish usage of these verses to exhort obedience rather than to express the nature of God see, e.

An exception is Mark , where Jesus quotes both verses 4 and 5, but the emphasis of application of these verses is once again on obedience. Almost certainly, the original force of the verse, as the medieval Jewish exegetes … recognized, was to demand that Israel show exclusive loyalty to our God, YHVH —. In this way, it assumes the same perspective as the first commandment of the Decalogue, which, by prohibiting the worship of other gods, presupposes their existence see 5.

Once true monotheism became more normative in the Second Temple period, this earlier perspective became unintelligible. Second Temple readers and translators of the Shema were thus forced to read this and similar passages in a way that made them consistent with monotheism see Deuteronomy n. Isaiah ; , 14, 18, 21; Nor is it likely that the verse intends to clarify that there is only one YHVH, as opposed to many YHVH, since it was recognized that different manifestations of a divinity could derive from a single god Exodus For additional parallels that stress love rather than service, see, e.

Lieber, Etz Hayim, p. James Kugel explains J. Kugel, How to Read, p. According to E. Neusner, Mishnah, Berakhot , p. According to Eimek HaNetziv, it means that a person must feel love of God even if his life is being taken for His sake. Chaviv, Ein Yaakov, pp. Bialik et al. Weinfeld, Common Heritage, p. Thanks to David Calabro for alerting me to this reference. Sperling et al. Marcus, The Jewish Life Cycle, p. Liebes, Studies in Jewish Myth, p.

Thus did the Greek word martyr, meaning witness, assume its modern meaning in Christianity, implying one whose death attests to his or her faith. See First Encyclopedia of Islam, s. Similarly, the Shema is perceived as a testimony in several sources in rabbinical literature — see Saul Lieberman, Tosefta Ki-Fshita, Shabat, p. This may be related to the tradition stating that the letter ayin, at the end of the word shema, and the letter dalet, at the end of the word ehad [One], which appear in the Shema Israel verse, should be capitalized because, when combined, they form the word ed [witness].

The two interpretations each call for full commitment to God, whether psychological or practical; both are preserved in the Mishnah Berakhot Further explaining the grammatical basis for this conjectural emendation, Kugel writes ibid. Given this reduction of aleph, R.

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Thou shalt offer a sacrifice unto the Lord thy God in righteousness, even that of a broken heart and a contrite spirit. Hinckley, Teachings , p. Lee, Teachings , p.

Fox, Books of Moses. Smith, Jr. On sharpness in rebuke as an attribute of Joseph Smith, see R. Bushman, Character, pp. I enjoyed the great article! I want to slice that onion just a little thinner because while I generally agree with those descriptions we can also get the wrong idea about the true nature of the covenant made on Mt. God simply gave it to Abraham as a free gift just as He gave mankind salvation as a free gift; our duty is but to accept it. However the same is also true of the Mosaic Covenant.

We all understand contracts; we have them when we buy a house or a car. Sometimes we have contracts with our employers, especially in the entertainment or sports fields. And the idea is that the contract is essentially a series of mutual obligations. If one side fails to live up to one or more of their contractual obligations then the usual result is that the courts get involved. Once the covenant was accepted by Israel the violation of the covenant did not mean that the covenant was voided; it only meant that certain penalties kicked in just like in most contracts.

Essentially in exchange for the blessings that the Lord offered, Israel declared that they were willing to accept certain consequences called the curses if they failed to live up to their part of the deal. However just as with almost all contracts the Mosaic Covenant was not voided and thrown in the trash because terms were broken. Several years ago I had a home built for my family and as part of the contract I negotiated a firm completion date. If the contractor completed the house earlier than the agreed to date they received a certain dollar amount for every day they completed it before the due date…..

However if they failed to finish by the due date they were dunned a like amount for every day PAST the due date……a curse. There were other penalties built in as well for other kinds of situations but none voided the contract.

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The Covenant remained intact. Rather, once the divine gift of the Covenant was ratified by Israel the whole congregation agreed to it just as Abraham ratified the covenant with him by simply agreeing to it then all that was left was for its terms to play out over time. The Mosaic Covenant is alive and well; in fact, the New Covenant in Christ is but the Mosaic Covenant renewed and written on our minds hearts with Yeshua as the source of both purification and atonement for those who accept its terms.

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Most Christians still acknowledge our duty to adhere to the 10 Commandments. Even if I did, the fact is there we have 10 concrete obligations for every Believer, each obviously capable of being violated. Certainly the Hebrew people knew of no plan of God to make the Abrahamic Covenant obsolete. Nor did they know of a plan to make the Mosaic Covenant obsolete. Whether it should have been or not, the New Covenant in Jesus seemed like an unwelcome surprise to even the most learned of the Jews.