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We seem to forget that we all live here together and nobody gets their way all the time. I don't have a liking for extremism on any issue. Being able to look at someone else's position and understand it is critical. He had considered the series dead after his longtime editor left Minotaur Books, and Rehder's enthusiasm waned.

The books quickly went out of print. Now the author has re-released the entire series himself both in print and electronically, self-published a young adult novel and completed a new mystery that his agent will shop as the possible beginning of a new series. He's invigorated by the e-book revolution and the benefits it brings to both readers and writers.

Joe O'Connell is an Austin writer.

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Embezzler Forced into Chicken Slavery By U.S. Government - Slog - The Stranger

LOG IN. The Chicken Hanger. In this Book. Additional Information. Table of Contents. Cover Download Save. Title page Download Save. Acknowledgements p. Chapter 1 pp. Chapter 2 pp. Chapter 3 pp. Chapter 4 pp. Chapter 5 pp. Chiller Hanger: Rehangs chickens onto production line after exiting the chiller. Clean Up: Sanitizes production line, production areas, and equipment. Cleaning Rack: Sanitizes small equipment.

Clipper: Places metal clip on poly-bagged finished product to seal bags. Coat Service: Launders coats used by plant personnel. Cone Loader: Places product onto cones for deboning. Cooler: Maintains refrigerated equipment used to store product at specific temperatures. Cropper: Removes the crop by hand when missed by automated machinery.

Cut Up: Fabricates whole chicken into bone-in parts. Deboner: Removes bones from product.

The Chicken Hanger

Drawhand: Pulls viscera by hand when missed by automated machinery, before inspection. Drumstick Cutter: Separates the leg and thigh portions. Dump Operator: Transfers birds from cages onto conveyor belt for movement to livehang. Dumps Meat: Places product from totes and other bulk temporary storage onto specific production lines.

Egg Person: Removes eggs from spent hens undergoing processing. Fat Cutter: Removes fat pads from trimmed product. Fat Puller: Removes fat from product by hand. Fat Remover: Removes fat from product by hand. Fat Scraper: Removes fat from product by hand. Feeding Jumbo Pack: Places traypacked product on line to be wrapped with protective plastic wrap.

Job Description:

Feeding Spiral: Places product onto line to be frozen in spiral freezer. Feeding Weldotron: Places product onto line to be put into traypacks. Film Changer: Reloads stretchwrap plastic for Weldotron. Flank Cutter: Removes fat from the flank of the breast portion. Floor Sweeper: Keeps plant floor clean. Fork Lift Operator: Operates fork lift machinery.

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Gizzard Inspect: Inspects gizzards. Gizzard Peeler: Manually peels gizzards missed by automated machine on production line. Gizzard Puller: Pulls gizzards missed by automated machine on production line. Grading: Inspects product for defects and sorts accordingly. Hanger: Hangs product onto shackle line. House Inspector: Inspects product on evisceration line for defects prior to placement on the chiller line.

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Ice Machine Operator: Maintains the machinery that produces ice. Ice Room Operator: Maintains the proper production of ice for the plant. Inventory Control: Accounts for product pack materials needed for daily operations. Jack Operator: Transports product and materials in-house using a floor jack. Knife Line: Debones down-graded product by hand. Knife Sharpener: Keeps all cutting instruments sharpened.

Knuckle Cutter: Debones the joint at the end of the drumstick. Lead Person: Hourly assistant to the Department Supervisor; able to perform all jobs in the department. Leg Cutter: Separates the leg from the thigh portions. Lid Closer: Places covers on boxes of finished product. Lifting Racks: Places traypack racks on carts to be transferred to coolers. Line Relief: Replaces production line workers temporarily.